(WIP) Data Wrangling Practice for Business School Students


I’m currently working on a new Jupyter book: Data Wrangling Practice for Business School Students (tentatively named). This is a collection of solutions to 60+ representative data wrangling problems frequently encountered by business school students. For example, how to count the number of stocks with positive returns on each day? For each problem, I’ll offer three versions of solutions: data.table (R), dplyr (R), and pandas (Python).

This book is designed as a cookbook for business school students with a particular data manipulation problem in hand and who wants to get the job done quickly. However, I also tried my best to explain each line of code so that in addition to copy-paste, you can still learn useful techniques :)

The book is an English translated version of this Github repo, which is authored by me and Rui Li (Zhejiang Financial College).

Get a glimpse here. I hope you’ll enjoy it!